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The CPU and motherboard are the most important pieces to get. You want to get a good CPU, but don't spend too much on the fastest one available, because next month it will be surpassed. Get a good speed, and spend the extra money on more RAM and a high quality video card.

I have become very partial to the Soyo motherboards, with an AMD processor. Go into a game and ask people what they are running, it will let you get a wide range of opinions.

Some people will spend the big bucks to get the fastest possible CPU. Don't waste your money. At today's computing speeds, they are all fairly equal. A 3 Ghz machine will not be blown away by a 4 Ghz box.

Some people prefer an Intel (R) CPU, but AMD (R) seems to have less problems for gaming. if you buy an Intel CPU, spend the extra money and get the Intel motherboard too. Whenever I built and Intel based system, it worked better with the Intel motherboard.

If money is no object, and you want the ultimate sytstem, get an Alienware.

Alienware High-Performance Gaming PCs Bringing Your Games to Life with the Highest-Quality Components
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