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Movement is extremely important when trying to take out snipers. You have to move cautiously, and always stay close to cover. Move from one spot, then scan to find the next spot to move to. As you approach the next spot, look ahead to find the next move.

Use hills, gulleys and any available map features to your advantage.

There are two types of movement when you are trying to get snipers. One is to stay hidden and reach the sniper, the other is to stay still, and find out where the sniper is at. If you are at a spawn point, stand still, and see if the spawn is being targeted. If you get hit, respawn and move to a covered position. Slowly reveal your position, and see where you get hit. That will let you know the area a sniper is operating in. Another trick is to stand still for 1-2 seconds, then move. If the sniper is 800 yards away, you can figure it will take 1 second to acquire and shoot, and another 1 second for the bullet to travel. If you move right before the 2 second point, the bullet will miss. (Unless the sniper has bad aim, and you move into the bullet, lol.) This is a way to taunt the sniper into shooting, and giving up his spot. Once yo have an idea where the sniper is, time to move cautiously and get to the sniper. A good way to move is to take 3 steps, drop, wait 1/2 a second, then jump up, take 3 more step and drop. Repeat this any time you are in a sniper's scope and it makes it harder for the sniper to acquire and hit you. Always keep a random sense to any movements when you're in a sniper's scope, a pattern allows the sniper to acquire and aim, random movement keeps him from firing with any certainty. If you're lucky, and the sniper fires too many times, a friendly sniper will pick him off.

Always keep a sense of where the sniper is, and when you are most likely to be targeted. Keep an eye out for quick hiding spots, and remember, random is your best ally.

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