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The secondary weapons are usually pistols, shotguns and sub machine guns in some games. Some FPS's allow you a second and third weapon choice. These games usually have a sub-machine gun as a secondary, and a pistol as third. The secondary weapons are important to learn, but are used primarily as backups. When you run out of rifle ammo, time to switch to pistol.

Learn to use the secondary weapons for movement, and you can move faster and still be effective.

The pistols are effective to 100 yards at most. See how the game calculates the trajectories of the pistol. Does it form a tight group with little recoil, or is it all over the place? Does the pistol have an automatic mode? Although less accurate, it is effective in closer ranges. Can you bring the pistol up for better aiming, or is it always fired from hip?

Try firing the pistol at a wall, and see the spreads and patterns. Then back away to 50 yards and 100 yards and try the same thing. Learn to be accurate to 100 yards with the pistol, and you can move with the pistol confidently.

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