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The variety of servers and maps means the difference between a game that can be fun for months or just a few weeks. The best games are ones where the company provides a long term server to play in. It allows a place for meeting people and recruiting, and a place to always find a game going on. It's a lot easier to find a full server when everyone is meeting there, rather than having to go roaming into servers asking people to come to your server and play. The bigges drawbacks of an open server is the lack of control and privacy. It's nice to have a team server for practices and to keep people adhering to guidelines of language and fair play. Nothin tells someone they are out of line like punting them from a server.

The tactics, techniques and strategies on the site will apply to almost any FPS game, and the skills will help you to develop a confident and capable playing style.

See how well the game servers available play in a demo first if possible. I am very partial to Nova Logic because they have good high speed servers up and running 24-7, and they keep them up for years after a game is released. DF2 was released in 1999, and there are still servers provided by Nova Logic for it.

See how good the map editors are, they can add a whole new element to a game. Another thing to look for is custom maps available on the web. It can take days to design a custom map, or only a few minutes to download one. If you download a bunch f custom maps, you can get some ideas for when you decide to make your own.

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