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Flagball is an advanced version of CTF. Rather than having multiple flags for both teams, there is a single flag in the center, and both teams fight for it.

CTF is to FB as SD is to AD. FB is a more demanding game than CTF, and requires greater teamwork to score. Much like Attack Defend requires more coordination than Search Destroy.

Flagball games are usually low scoring, unless the teams are lopsided. It is difficult to run the single flag past the other team to the flag bay.

The best strategy to use for flagball with an 8 man team is to have 2-3 people concentrate on the flag, 1 a primary flag carrier, and someone front and rear of the flag carrier for support. The other 5 people would be designated for supression of the opponents. The 5 would shadow the flag team, moving in proximity to the flag team, but primarily concentrating on the opponent, not the flag.

Make sure to know where the flag is at all times, whenever the opponent has the flag, the 3 flag runners go after the flag and hunt the flag carrier.

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