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Attack and Defend is the one game where you need two seperate strategies. You spend 30 minutes attacking the targets, then have to defend the same targets for 30 minutes. Attacking requires Engineers and support teams, while defending requires Campers.

There are always the infantry battles over controlling the nuetral ground between spawn and targets, the TDM aspect of the game, but hits don't count, targets do.

Attack and defend is a great game for the different aspects of the strategy. It is one of the only games that requires 2 strategies to be succesful. It is a challenge to be able to devise two succesful strategies for each map. The mindset must also change, from attacking the targets to defending them.

Attacking - Attacking strategies depends heavily on the Player Missions available. If you have a vast array of weapons available, then you can attack alone. If the weapon selections are limited, then you need to form attacking teams. In Delta Force 2 by Nova Logic, you could suit up with a SAW M249 machine gun, 2 RPGs with a low power scope, and 2 satchell charges. It was easy to be a one man wrecking crew and take out targets solo. In Delta Force Land Warrior you had to choose between an AT4 and satchell charges, but the game also gave you a CQB weapon along with a primary weapon, so it was still easy to be a one man wrecking crew. In Black Hawk Down by Nova Logic, the player choices are limited to a CQB with an assault rifle and satchell charges. The one man cannot support himself with cover fire, because of the reload times involved with an assault rifle, so he needs backups of a gunner or meds. The meds in LW had a limited amount of med packs, so they were of limited strategic value, while the meds in BHD have unlimited med packs, so they become more vital. There were no meds in DF2, so it was a game designed for a solo attack. The first thing is to analyze the game, and see what is required to get to the targets. If you can do it alone, it's a lot easier and simpler to attack alone. Even if you can do it alone though, teamwork will help. If you have to go in groups, analyze what groups would be most succesful.

Attacking Strategies - Distractions are the best way to attack the targets. Hold back, wait for one group to get close and launch their attack, and then you launch an attack once the defenders are occupied. If you can hold back and wait like that, your chances go up dramatically.

If you are attacking with a group, and meds are available, the the CQB takes point, and the med follows. Once the CQB steps out in the open and draws fire, the med pops out and nuetralizes the opponent. The easiest way to get a score is when you do not have fire incoming at you. If the med armor lasts for a while, let the CQB get hit by a clay, or expose the feet and get hit, then med the CQB, and let him run with med armor and draw fire while the med reacts to the opponents firing.

With an 8 man team, you want an equal mix of player types for an AD match. 2 meds, 2 CQBs going for targets, 1-2 gunners, 1-2 CQBs with clays nuetralizing opponents, and 1-2 snipers. It is vital to have a few players like gunners and CQBs with clays, that are not going for targets, but are actively nuetralizing opponents. If everyone goes for targets, they are easily mowed down. You want to form small teams, 3-2-2-1, 2-2-2-2 formations, etc. Two teams of a med and CQB running together, a sniper and gunner working together, a sniper and CQB with clays working together. This allows you to have 2 people going for targets, and 6 people supporting them. During attacks, if you need to change player missions, then it is not a problem to stop and go to the amory and switch gear, if you are defending, it can be costly to stop and go to the armory.

Defending - Campers are the most vital part of the defense. Too much of a good thing can hurt too. With an 8 man team, you need 3-4 campers. With a 15 man team, you still only need 3-4 campers. The campers are strategically placed to pick off the stragglers who make it through the lines. If there are too many campers, you are defending the targets right at the targets, no room for error. If there are too few campers, there is no defense at the targets. If the opponents are allowed to move freely to an area close to the targets, they soon learn the closest area they can stage a coordinated attack from. It becomes almost impossible to stop the attackers when they are allowed to swarm at the targets. The players that are not camping need to make sure to cover a majority of the incoming routes, so the opponents cannot stage in an area, and they have to be aware that no appraoch is easy.

The team mix needs to be thought out ahead of time for matches, so that defenders do not have to stop and go to the armory to change gear. Any time you are short handed it gives the attackers a great advantage. A good mix is to be heavy on CQB with clays, 4-5 players, and 1-2 gunners and 1-2 snipers. If meds are available, they can be effective or very costly. If someone is waiting for a med, and the med gets hit en route, then 2 players are starting out at spawn. It becomes worse if the med gets hit right on top of the other player without medding, as there are now two players in spawn at same time, potentially making it an 8-6 game for a short time. If the meds use the med for speed, and the medding as a secondary thought, then it can be more effective, but usually when people are medding, they concentrate more on the medding than shooting. A good team formation is a 4-1-3 setup. 4 people supressing, 1 swing man to supress or camp as needed, and 3 campers. Campers - There are two types of camping styles, spot and roving. You can think of it in terms of a military base, checkpoints and guard towers are spot. Perimiter defense teams are rovers. The numbers for each type depend heavily on the map. If there are only 2 entrances, then 1 spot player at each entrance and 1 rover to support them is enough. If the map is open, then you need 1 camper in an overwatch position, and 2-3 rovers moving around the perimiter.

Learning to play a FPS game in an online format can be frustrating, because some players have an edge due to the time they have been playing. Dieing repeatedly is not a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. By reading these tips, and applying them during games, you can go from the hunted to the hunter.

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