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A forum is the most important way to communicate between a team, but you need a chat program to type messages to people on a team, or to recruit them. Typing messages is usually more effective than voice chats. People have to read the message, and therefore they will comprehend it more, and be able to save it for future reference.

Even if you're not on a team, it's good to have an IM for being able to chat with the people you meet in the game.

Here are several good programs for typing messages to people.

Make sure everyone gets access to a forum with a section for team members and guests, and that everyone on the team has the same chat program.

Yahoo Messenger

MSN Messenger


AOL Instant Messenger AIM

Here are some hosting sites for forums. You can start a forum without having a team, just tell other gamers that they can leave posts on a forum you've created.

Pro Boards

Ez Board

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