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Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is true in any situation. If the team leader has the final and binding say in all matters, the team is a dictatorship, not a democracy.

A military structure is somewhere between dictator and democracy, sort of an onsite dictator, with a democratic oversight. A Commanding Officer can issue orders like a dictator, and everyone is expected to follow them, as long as they are lawful orders. If the CO issues excessive demands, or unlawful orders, then he comes under review.

Every succesful long term organization uses a balance of power to keep things running smoothly. The United States has the 3 branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, in the form of President, Senate and Representatives, and Supreme Court. The balance of power keeps any one group from becoming the sole seat of power. A team needs to use a similiar setup. A personal story: I am the leader of our team, and have been leader for over 3 years. In that time there have been numerous recruits that I have nominated for the team, and the team votes, and they do not approve my choice. Do I get upset, never. The team votes on every new member, and every new member has full voting rights on team matters. If the team formation were left solely up to me, it would be far different, and not as good of a team.

Make sure to balance out who has control of team matters, and make sure everyone on the team has some amount of power over the team's direction.

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