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A team will need to have a style of play that sets it apart from other teams if you want to be recognized. The style will come down to the leader and senior people, and the tactics they lay out for the team.

While building a team with similiar tactics, you still need to add people with a slightly different view. If the whole team is campers, nobody attacks, if everyone is attacking, nobody camps. You need to build a team with a balance of styles and players. This is where recruiting is important, and allowing everyone on the team to have a say in new additions.

The team tactics need to be discussed in forums, by chat programs and voice. The team leader or whoever coordinates the tactics needs to make sure everyone is aware of the game plan. By getting everyone involved, the team becomes more cohesive.

A personal story: The team I am on is very supression oriented, with a few campers and snipers. Whenever we go to a different game type, we still work together as a team. One time we went into a TDM game, rather than our usual AD games. There were two of us on each side, and when the game ended, the top 2 players on both sides were from our team. The two players on each side worked together, and ran an effective supression, which put us as the top players in a game we don't play as often.

As a team we know what each other will do, from numerous postings in forums, and discussion of strategies. Since we are all using a similiar plan, it becomes easy to move from one game type to another, and still be a dominant force.

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