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Playing a game as an individual mission gives you goals and achievements to accomplish. It is far more interesting to run a mission than it is to run around.

Here you will learn the basic strategies of how to choose a mission and prepare for it, and then on following pages what missions you can do, and then what missions to run for different games.

The first thing to do is to analyze the game type and your abilities. Then compare your team to the opponents and how they match up. Look for any star players on the teams, and see if they are friend or foe. If you are outgunned and outmanned, go with a stronger mission type like a gunner. If the teams are equal, you have almost all the options open. If you are on the stronger team, try some of the mission types you need improving, or do intel on the stronger players on your team.

As you enter the game, think of what weapon type you will need, and what character. Mentally prepare yourself, and go over a basic set of goals in your mind. "This game will be a Ranger type mission. My goal is to use an assault weapon and clays, and sneak behind the enemy lines by outflanking them. Once behind the lines the goal will be to harass their advancing troops, and to cause several of the opponents to travel backwards towards my operating area, leaving the front lines without reinforcements. This will allow me to draw them into an ambush setup, where they are engaged in 1 on 1 situations, and drawn back to rear again. By continually falling back, they will have a longer time to travel, and will leave the front lines depleted for a longer time, allowing my team to advance further towards their spawn."

As you can see from the example above, the goal is not to charge directly at them and try for 1st place, the goal is to provide support for the team, and engage a limited number of players. If you fall back and get 4-5 people to follow you, then the odds are 1-5 for you, and 14-10 for your team. Your team will be able to do better, as they have superior numbers.

The mission players will usually not be in first place, but they will allow their team to win more often.

Learning to play a FPS game in an online format can be frustrating, because some players have an edge due to the time they have been playing. Dieing repeatedly is not a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. By reading these tips, and applying them during games, you can go from the hunted to the hunter.

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