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Every player on a team has a mission, to contribute what they can to win. On a basketball team, not every player is a shooter. Some players are passers, others are blockers or rebounders. Knowing what skills you can best contribute to the team will help the team win. Choosing a mission for the game where you can excel is the priority. You also need to know a little about every mission type, so you can learn to engage any player type. The shooter needs to know how a blocker will react, to make more shots.

Learn your own strength and weaknesses playing the game, and apply them to the mission types below. Close range snipers need quick reaction, a long range sniper needs patience. Choose the best suit for your personal abilities.

Here is a list of the different types of missions you can take on as a player in a FPS:

Gunner - Move as a classic gunner, using a light machine gun and providing supressing and cover fire for the forward troops, or as a gunner in an ambush team.

Sniper - Snipers can take out opponents, and also relay information to the team.

Counter Sniper - The whole game is spent looking for snipers, either using a sniper setup, or another character type. Gunners, CQB's, Meds and QRF are all able to do counter sniper operations.

CQB - This is someone who is going to move close to the enemy, and engage at short range. Assault weapon or sub machine gun with claymores or AT-4 work best. The primary goal of the CQB is to make the opponent move slower, because a CQB could be around the corner.

Engineer - An engineer is the guy who will set the explosives to clear objects.

Medic - Not all games have medics, but when a game does have medics, they can quickly change the pace of a game. Rather than a long run to fight, it can be a short wait. Medics can run a support role and keep covered, then rush out to revive a player, or they can bunch up and keep a group of medics travelling longer distances.

QRF - Quick Reaction Force, the QRF sit and wait, and when someone gets hot and makes a string of scores, or a group gets too close to where they are not wanted, the QRF springs into action.

General - As a general of the battle, your main goal is to coordinate the team, and oversee the goals. This can be very hard in a FPS, as most people do not want to be told what to do, but if you do it tactfully, and guide people, not order them, you can take charge.
A personal story: I was playing in an AD game, and our team was not getting to targets. Someone asked, "What can we do?" My reply was "Form at our armory, when I get there, we'll attack." I was stopped a few times, and the people at the armory said they were getting shot. My new plan, "When you get 2-4 people at the armory, attack in groups." The first waves went down and created a hole, the next waves went down and got to targets. The game ended about 5 minutes after I called the plays. We were 30 minutes into a 45 minute game with no success, and with two quick plays called, the game ended in 5 minutes. 2 lessons, the first play called doesn't always work, and more importantly, teamwork almost always guarantees success.

Intel - Intel is what you do on another team before a match or on a particuliar player. Your goal is not to shoot or be shot at, but to collect information without sharing it in the game. You can do this on your own team or on the opponents.

Recon - Recon is a forward scout who can inform the team where the opponents are moving. You find a spot behind their lines, or an area where they don't look. In a FPS, most people move and look forward, hiding can be fairly easy.

Alamo Defender (Camper) - Campers are needed in most games, even in a TDM game. Campers guard the base, and hide in spots where they can observe any incoming opponents, and nuetralize them before they create havoc.

Front Line Infantry - The guy who is taking the most incoming fire, and scoring the most.

Front Line Support - The people who will move close to front lines, and then engage anyone who breaks the front lines, and fill the holes if too many front line people are lost. Layering the forward lines is critical, if everyone is on the most forward line, it can easily be breached. If there are a few people forming a second line, any breach can be contained until reinforcements arrive.

Special Ops - The Special Ops mission is to eliminate a few select people or goals. It may be the one best player on opposing team, or to get the hardest target or flag in a game. By knowing how to call the shot, you can selectively target the greatest threat, and let the others deal with the lesser threats. Special Ops guys operate behind the enemy lines, as distraction, harassment and nuisance. If you can learn to completely circle the opponent, and harrass their rear, you are doing a Spec-Ops role.

Forward observer - A forward observer will help snipers and artillery hit their spots. A forward observer's main weapon is binoculars and communications.

Artillery/Airstrike - This can be fun. Use a grenade launcher and stay close to an armory. You can lob grenades onto the opponent all game long. Have a forward observer guide your shots onto position, and it becomes deadly. You can also use RPGs to create repeated incoming fire. A good airstrike simulator is to set satchells out in a pattern along known travel routes or player spots. As soon as a player gets into position, or someone is travelling a rigged route, blast them. Just like an airstrike, they will never know what hit them.

Ambush Setup - This is best done with 2-3 people, where you create an L ambush. 1 hiding in a spot, and 2 creating a line, as the 2 engage, the hidden man ambushes the opponent. There is so much fire, it is hard to know where it all came from.

Learning to play a FPS game in an online format can be frustrating, because some players have an edge due to the time they have been playing. Dieing repeatedly is not a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. By reading these tips, and applying them during games, you can go from the hunted to the hunter.

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