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Different game types rquire different missions and goals. A wide open map with little cover does not need a CQB. A closed in map is not good for a bolt action sniper.

Learn to pick the best mission type for a particuliar map, and you can change the tide of the game. One good player, with a critical mission well concieved and executed can make a big difference in a game.

Here are some different game types, and the player missions required for success:

TDM- Most players need to be front line infantry, with a few on front line support. Some snipers help, but too many snipers, and it is easy to be stuck at the morph. A Spec Ops person getting behind them harassing their lines will help take pressure off the front lines.

TKOTH - You need a few dedicated campers to sit in the zone. They must have the patience to sit for the entire game, and stay hidden, without firing if possible. A group of front line infantry need to protect the zone campers, with some Spec-Ops guys getting into position behind the opponent. A few people setting up ambushes on the flanks, and the zone campers are safe.

CTF - To make a succesful run at the flags, you need a 3 man team. Two men cover, while 1 grabs a flag. One man takes point out to flag, and covers the rear flank on the way back. The middle man grabs the flag, and always stays between the guards. The third man covers rear to flag, and takes point back to flag bay. With a good 3 man team, working together, you can grab a good amount of flags. Have 1-2 campers set up on critical flags that are easy to defend, and the rest can engage and grab random flags of opportunity.

A/D - A few engineers are needed to get the targets. A sniper or two can set up in a position to provide cover fire. Good gunners can punch a hole and make the path to targets easier.

Choose a mission type that will complement what other players are doing. Ordering people around, telling them, "Too many snipers, someone change" will probably not help much, especially if you are already a sniper. If you see too many snipers, go gunner.

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