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Teamwork is sometimes hard to accomplish in a game, that is why there is also a section for improvised teamwork.

Teamwork requires good communication, a knowledge of what your teammates will do in a situation, a plan for most situations that will arise, and a leader to call the shots. Without all of these things in place, the teamwork will not be fluid, and will feel awkward.

Teamwork is a group of people working together for a common goal. In A FPS most people are working alone to achieve the goal of coming in 1st place.

Getting a group of people to work together in a game can be very rewarding experience, far better than coming in 1st place. Communication can be from voice, short typed messages, or from typed codes. Knowing what your teammates will do comes from drills and repetition. A good plan for the small events on the way to a win are like the plays of a football game. A football game isnít won in one move, itís a series of small events, with a small plan for each minor event, and a strategy for the entire game. Making sure everyone knows the small plans, and the overall strategy increases the chances of success. A single leader is critical to the fluid movement of a team. There might be multiple coaches for a team, but only one head coach. If too many people are trying to call the shots, anarchy ensues, and failure is almost assured. If you are the team leader, make sure to set a plan in action, if you are on the team, make sure to follow the plan. Even if you feel you have a better plan, implementing a plan of your own without the team, is always the makings of a blown play.

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