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The strategies of the team define how they play in games and matches.

From Murphy's Laws of Combat - "No OPLAN ever survives initial contact." No matter how well a plan is laid out and concieved, it rarely works flawlessly. This is where teamwork will come into play heavily. A good team will work together to come up with the subtle changes needed to take the initial plan into an effective plan under fire.

There is no such thing as a perfect plan. The best plan has a backup plan, and a place for improvising on the fly. The team strategy needs to be laid out so everyone sees it, and can think of the plan, backup, and improvising, before a match starts.

Some teams rely on heavy supression as their basic plan, others rely on hunting. There are also ambushing teams, large groups, and walls of movement.

A team that relies on supression will be heavy on firepower, and create a wall of lead that an opponent cannot break through. Hunting teams will go after a few key players heavily, and destroy the opponents game plan by nuetralizing the more important aspects of it. Ambushing teams will divide a map into areas, where people will set up their own ambush, and it also provides cover for the person next to them. Teams that use large groups will have a staging point, where everyone gathers, and then launch an attack from that spot. Teams that use walls of movement are constantly setting up Holding Lines and using a leapfrog approach of movement.
The most effective plan is one that utilizes multiple aspects of strategies, and one that can be switched from one to another easily. If an ambushing team faces another ambushing team in a TDM game, there's a possibility that nobody will cross the nuetral line, and very few shots would be fired. If one team switches and sets up a wall of movement, holds a line, and then has a few people go forward to find the opponent, you can dislodge the oppoent from their spots, and press forward to use a supression strategy.

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