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Going into a multiplayer server solo allows you to check out the maps and get an overview of the positions. Just like a general will study maps to get an advantage in a battle, you need to study the maps to learn new spots and see things you cannot see when poeple are shooting at you.

Going in to study a map lets you see how you can reach new spots, by jumping on one object, to reach an out of the way spot.

A personal story: In Delta Force 2, I knew there was a way to get onto the roofs of certain buildings without glitching, by using the available structure. It took a lot of practice, but eventually I figured out how to do what I had envisioned. By taking a running start, and jumping on the handrail, then moving on the handrail closer to the roof, you could then jump up on the roof. It was easy to fall off handrail, and not every jump to the roof was succesful, but it could be done.

In most games, there are spots where you can reach without glitching, that are not on the normal path. These spots allow you several advantages. People haven't been shot at from those spots, so it takes them longer to recognize where the fire is coming from. You are not in an area where they are used to looking, so on a quick scan you might not be spotted. You will now keep them guessing when you go back to the usual spots.

There are spots where you want to avoid too. Some spots are too unfair to an opponent. In Black Hawk Down by Nova Logic, on certain maps, such as Defensive Assault A/D, you can get onto the roofs over the spawns. It isn't a glitch, but it becomes a "cheap spot". You are almost impossible to shoot on the roofs, and you are looking straght down on the spawn. You want to gain an edge, but you don't want to be known as a cheap player. If the etiquette of the game says not to use certain spots, then avoid them.

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