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Going into a private server with a group allows you to explore more areas and share ideas, and then get more practice with certain weapons.

This is the sort of training you cannot get when you are in a public server playing a game.

If you have 4-8 people running around a map looking for new spots, you can find a lot more areas. Once someone learns how to reach a new spot, everyone goes to that area and practices it until they can get there on a regular basis. You can quickly amass a large bag of tricks for a match or regular game play. Always keep a few of the best spots under wraps, and use them sparingly.

Another thing to do in a group server is to call out for single or limited weapon selection. Knives Only is a popular game. You get to run around practicing knifing, without worrying about being shot at. Another good one is to use hand grenades or launched grenades only. A group of people using a single weapon will quickly increase their profeciency, and you can see who is best with a certain weapon, and have that person share some of their tricks. The list is quite long, pistols and hand grenades, pistol only, MP5 only, snipers only etc.

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