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Explosives in a game are varied, and can give you a great advantage as a force multiplier. The most common types are grenades, both hand and launched, claymores, RPGs and LAWs, satchell charges and tank mines. A force multiplier is when a weapon will make your small force appear much larger, due to the area covered or the amount of incoming fire.

Hand Grenades: By throwing a few grenades in front of you, there will be explosins going off, just when you need a diversion or a clearing. Time your grenades to create maximum effect and your movement will be much easier.

Launched Grenades: The 40mm grenade launchers are extremely effective weapons. In Vietnam, the snipers went for the officer first, the radioman second, and the 40mm grenadier third. A bullet will clear a straight line for 1000 yards, a 40mm grenade will clear out a 6 foot circle. A good trick to use, if the game lets you, is to launch the first grenades straight up in the air at your target on a high trajectory. As the first grenade is landing, start launching the next salvo on a low trajectory.
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This will cause some confusion for an opponent, as it appears there are two people launching grenades at them. 40mm grenades also have the ability to use indirect fire. If an opponent is hiding behind a wall or corner, a grenade will get them when a bullet won't. The 40mm grenade launcher is one of the most effective weapons available to you in a game.

Claymores: Claymores are very effective anti-personnell weapons. They will cause an opponent to slow down considerably, and do a great job at protecting your flanks. Depending on how many clays a game will let you set up, and if they are friendly fire weapons or not, you can use them to set a perimeter line, or cover flanks.

RPGs, AT4s and LAWs: All about the same type of weapons. The explosive charge in an RPG will allow you to use it against snipers, opponents hiding behind a corner, vehicles, aircraft, or just against a single or group of opponents in the open. A good way to practice with RPGs is to go into a single player mission and turn on unlimited ammo. This way you can fire hundreds of RPGs in a short time, and improve your accuracy and feel.

Satchell Charges: Satchells have multiple uses. They can destroy targets, or clear out a zone. In a TKOTH game, leave a few satchells in the zone. If you get hit in the zone, detonate them and clear the zone. This is not a good tactic if friendly fire is on though. In any game, you can set satchell charges to simulate air cover. Lay out a pattern of satchells and detonate them. Very effective.

Mines: Mines are designed to slow down an opponent. Any sort of remote device is a force multiplier. It gaive you a few "friends" that are just waiting to pounce.

Some dirty tricks:
Lay your claymores in the same spots that they would lay their claymores. As someone approaches what looks like a friendly claymore, it gets them. This encourages them to shoot any claymore, friendly or not.
Lay satchell charges at points where there will be heavy travel. Detonate whenever someone gets close. Hopefully there will be 1-2 more close that also get taken out. This makes them increase their travelling distances, and keeps them from grouping up.

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