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There are enough different game types that you should be able to play one game title for a year or so, without getting bored.

This goes back to Game Evaluation, pick a good game with enough different game types, and your money will be well spent. Pick a game with only one or two different game types, and it will lose appeal after a few months.

There are several major game types, the main ones will be covered and different mission strategies for each one will be covered.

Team Death Match - TDM is the game that least resembles a true military campaign and strategy. TDM has one goal, to run around and shoot the opponent. Military strategies are rarely based on sheer volume of kills.

Death Match - If it moves, SHOOT IT. Every person for themselves, complete chaos. It's a good game to increase reaction time and engagement skills.

Capture the Flag - There are two goals to CTF, capture all of the opponents flags, and guard a few of your own. By looking at the map layout, you can "triage" the flags, there are a few flags that are worth saving, a few that are lost causes, and one or two that you work on to win the game. Make sure to let them have the easy, and to guard the critical ones.

Flagball - FB has one single flag in the center, and both sides are trying to get it to their bay. Punching a hole is the most effective, nature abhors a vacuum, and in a game, any vacuum will be filled with friendly forces. Punch a hole, fill it with your forces, and move the flag forward.

Team King of the Hill TKOTH is controlling a center spot on the map. Hold the opponent back, control the flanks, and you win. This is a game where the patient ones will sit and not fire a shot, while the aggressive ones will fight outside of the zone, for control of the routes to the zone.

Attack/Defend - AD is the one game that requires two separate strategies. Attacking uses one strategy, then defending requires another strategy. Attacking can be done by brute force, punching a hole with a gunner, stealth, by moving without engaging or being seen, or by teamwork and volume, overwhelming the opponent. Defending is a completely different mindset. You can win by holding them at the spawn with an effective suppression, or by having a set of ambushes as they approach the targets.

Search and Destroy - Similar to AD, except that both teams have a base to defend. Winning is done by speed of attack, throwing all forces at the opponent, and leaving your base unguarded, by holding a few back to stop the attackers that get through, or by using a large base force, and a few stealth attackers that attack from flanks.

Make sure to play a mix of different games. You will become a more solid CTF player if you play a TDM game based on the same map. A DM player will have an advantage moving around on a new map, they are used to engaging everywhere they move.

Here are some more detailed descriptions and strategies for the different game types.

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Game Types 1
Team Death Match

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Game Types 3
Capture the Flag

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Game Types 5
Team King of the Hill

Game Types 6

Game Types 7
Search and Destroy

Game Types 8
Base Wars

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