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Gamers run around and shoot at anything that moves, tacticians move with deliberate and calculated patterns and intentions. By studying specific military battles and manuevers, you can see how great military minds applied their knowledge of the terrain, their troops and the opponent to achieve victory.

Here are a few examples of military strategies that can be applied to gaming to increase your odds. Even some movies have good tips for advancing your gaming. Black Hawk Down directed by Ridley Scott is a great movie for showing some good tactics about teamwork and movement.

The battle of Leyte Gulf - Crossing the T. This was a naval engagement from WW II, where the American forces set their ships at the outlet of a strait, and formed the top of the T. The Japaneese navy came at them in single file. The Americans had the advantage of all guns being broadside, while the Japaneese only had one set of guns on target. In a game, set up in a point where the opponents are moving forward, and they are crossing your fire.

Fishook Ambush - This is a manuever for a sniper when he is being actively tracked. You continue to move forward, and then go behind a hill or object, and then make a fishook pattern. This puts your tracker in your sights when he least expects it. In a water map, using a satchell charge, let an opponent follow you. Drop a satchell and then get to shore, turn around and detonate. Opponent gone.

Battle of El Alamein - Montgomery set up a defensive spot where there was a natural choke point, and the German foces were squeezed into a smaller area. Don't engage too many at one time, and your chances go up.

Clint Eastwood - As Josey Wales - The first man was looking down, he wasnt going to shoot, the second looked itchy, ..... know the threats in front of you. Be prepared to engage one, then disengage, acquire and engage another, then return to the original target. Once you start engaging with someone, you become an easy target for an experienced shooter. Watch out for the experienced shooters.

Crazy Ivan - A Russian submariner tactic. As they move, they will make an unexpected 180 degree turn. As you mave to a spot, make random quick turns, to see if you are being followed.

CMOH - The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest medal given out during combat. The brave men who win this award go far beyond the call of duty in a dangerous situation to save their comrades. Read some of the descriptions, and you will see how true heroes have fought.

CMOH Citations

CMOH Citations for Master Sergeant Gordon and Sergeant First Class Shugart in Somalia

Read about real military strategies, and your gaming will improve.

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