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Effective map reading is a combination of two primary skills, knowing where you are and where the opponent is, and knowing the best places to engage yor opponent.

Even if you know your weapon, know how to aim, and have the initial bead on your opponent, if you choose the wrong spots on the map to engage, you will lose more often than not. You may win the first engagement, but the odds go down for each following one. Most FPS maps have several key points, where you can stop the opponents in a bottleneck. The key is to identify these crucial spots, where you can engage multiple opponents for an extended time.

There are players who run routes, and others who use spots. Route players move along a familiar route, and can engage opponents at almost any place on the route and be succesful. Spot players are not as succesful when they move, but once they reach their spot, can be deadly. The goal is to become succesful in choosing a good route, and knowing the best spots on a route.

Once you can use multiple routes, and have multiple spots on each route, you will become a force within the game.

Map reading is essential to setting up strategies for every other part of the game. Make sure you can read maps well as your first new skill.

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