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I'd rather learn how to be great at dancing than great at aiming.

If you can learn to dance, you will live longer. If you learn to aim great, you kill faster. Living longer is the first goal to becoming a better gamer.

Just like real life, there are set rules for movement in a game. Always try to keep your back against a wall, hill or object, it's one less place the bullets can come from. Make sure to look over your shoulder frequently, there's always someone covering your back, make sure it's a friend. Never move on top of a hill, you create a good silhouette target.

If you learn the basics of movement, then you live longer, and can learn more.

Setting up your keyboard and mouse properly is essential to making quick transitions during gaming.

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The Microsoft (R) Intelli Mouse is always a favorite standard mouse. The price is reasonable, and the quality is very good. The 5 buttons allow for convenient placement of essential gaming functions.

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To make the most effective keyboard setup, the NumPad settings allow the closest grouping on the keyboard, with the most comfortable feel.
Forward 5
Back 2
Strafe Left 1
Strafe Right 3
Lean Left 6
Lean Right 4
Prone Ins
Crouch 7
Med Pack 8
Grenade 9
Flash Bang -
Reload /
50 Cal *
Map Del
Detonator Enter
Scope +

Learn the maps, then learn to dance, then learning everything else is easier. Make sure to set up your mouse and keyboard first, so you can quickly get weapons and pull moves.

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