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RAM is another area where you want to go fast and big, without overdoing it. 1 GB of memory will work better than 512 MB, but 2 GB will not work way better than 1 GB of RAM.

Get the highest speed RAM your motherboard can handle, and use 2 matching sticks for optimal performance.

A pesonal story: A friend of mine wanted to sell me some super high speed RAM, that he paid $400 for when it was new. He bought the fastest available at the time. When we went on the net to check prices, the same RAM that he paid $400 for was now running $185. I was willing to give him $125 for it. He could have bought the 500 Mhz for a lot less than the 533 Mhz, without any discernable performance difference. When I ran the 533 Mhz RAM in my system for testing, it ran better than the 333 Mhz RAM I currently run, but not so much better that I had to have it. The character movement was slightly more fluid, and the graphics looked to be a little better. It would be nice to be able to get the faster RAM, but I'm still running PC2700 333MHZ RAM in my system, when the motherboard is clocked for PC 3200 400 MHZ. Call me cheap, but I'm underclocking my system and still doing pretty good.

RAM Speeds:

DDR 266 - PC2100

DDR 333 - PC2700

DDR 366 - PC3000

DDR 400 - PC3200

DDR 433 - PC3500

DDR 466 - PC3700

DDR 500 - PC4000

DDR 533 - PC4200

DDR 550 - PC4400

DDR 566 - PC4500

DDR 600 - PC4800

Speed's just a question of money, how fast do you want to go?

You can run a higher speed RAM in your system, and overclock slightly, or run underspeed RAM and underclock. The optimal way is to run the intended RAM speed for your RAM bus. The RAM bus speed of your motherboard can easily be found on the internet.

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