First Person Shooter Strategies
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Mission Planning
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Joining a Team
Making a Team
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So, you want to learn how to be a more competitive player in any FPS?

The tactics, techniques and strategies on the site will apply to almost any FPS game, and the skills will help you to develop a confident and capable playing style.

This website will help to create a better gamer by teaching skills that are essential to most every type of First Person Shooter (FPS). Games are like porn, same basic things, with a slightly different look. However, games are not like women, if you spend time with a game, eventually you can figure it out.

Learning to play a FPS game in an online format can be frustrating, because some players have an edge due to the time they have been playing. Dieing repeatedly is not a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. By reading these tips, and applying them during games, you can go from the hunted to the hunter.

About me:

I first started playing FPS games in 2000, in Delta Force 2, by Nova Logic. It was a great way for me to have fun and learn more about applying a lot of the military strategies that I had learned. After a long time of solo play, joined a team, and then left with another player to form a new team. That team has been around since March of 2001. Some of the original members are still on the team. Currently we play Black Hawk Down by Nova Logic, and Call of Duty 2 by Activision. Playing time for me is usually 5 nights a week, for a few hours a night.
There are a few things that I don't like to see in a game, they are:
Opponents that have 0 deaths
Experienced players that run around shooting noobs.
These are the people that I will target and go after first. It's too easy to shoot the new players and make them leave the game, it's funner to go after the experienced players.

This site is designed to be used as a reference. Read a few pages to familiarize yourself, and as your FPS skills progress, you can read more areas to improve on. You don't want to start hunting people before you know how to read maps and use weapons effectively. It takes time to go from a beginning player to advanced levels. Plan on spending 3 months or so until you are a true threat in the game.

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Here are the most essential pages to quickly improve your gaming skills:

Keyboard and Mouse Setups

Map Reading Overall Layout

Boba Fett Guarantee

By going to these pages first, you should see quick results, and then build your gaming skills by reading the additional pages as you need to.
Let us know if these tips helped you, and what other topics will help you more.
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Creating better gamers is our mission.