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Good communication is the key to winning. Keeping your teammates informed of the situation at hand is invaluable. However, too much communication can be as bod or worse than too little communication.

Knowing what to say, when and how to say it is the difference between good communication and anarchy on the radio. Keep it short, to the point and relevant.

Too many people will key up and talk, just to hear themselves speak. This is fine in a casual game or between games, but can ruin a team during a match. Remember, if there are 8 people on the same channel, every time you key up to talk, 7 other people are distracted. If you key up to talk, make sure it is more important than the distraction.

A good way to communicate is by short typed commands. If every person on the team knows the codes, it is often quicker way than talking to convey a message. Long drawn out typed messages are a waste, because by the time you are done typing, the information is udually irrelevant. By using a mix of short typed messages, and short, concise voice communication, the relevance and spped of communication is greatly improved.

Communications are key. Learn to convey a message well, as quickly as possible, and your chances for success go up.

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