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Typing short messages provides teammates with concise information, with minimal distraction. The most frustrating thing is to be out hunting a sniper by listening for his shot, and having people talking on voice each time the sniper takes a shot.

Having everyone type short messages makes sure everyone is on the same plan, and they understand a common team language. If someone is engaged at the moment a message is typed, they can focus on the current situation, and once it is clear, look at the typed message.

Here are some basic messages that are much easier to type:

Directions - Divide the map into zones, and then assign a alpha-numeric code for each major route, L1-L2-L3-C1-C2-C3-R1-R2-R3.
L1 is the furthest left flanks, R3 is the right furthest flanks. If two or more people are travelling together, the point man can announce a route each time the team starts.

Warnings - When a man goes down, he should sometimes wait a few seconds before respawning, this gives some extra intel to the team.
1WO, 1 man nearby, watch out.
1LC, 1 man left of my position camping.
1RM 1 man right of my position moving.
1A1P, 1 man approaching my position, 1 man passed my position.
2P, 2 men passed by my position. Each person on the team can see where the man went down, and they have an accurate picture of the opponent strength in the area.

Teamwork - If there is a 2 man team, they can communicate by typing without talking.
GL, Good luck, I'm hit, you're on your own.
O, I am on my way to your position.
W, Wait at your current position.
M, Morph

Other communications- You can set up many different scenarios, depending on the game type and communications required.
SA, Scramble Airplanes.
2T, 2 ride in the tank.
PS, Place satchell here.

The possibilites are endless, and with only 1-2 letters and 1 number, you have more than enough codes possible.

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