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Just like in poker, sometimes you put out the wrong information if you are bluffing. BRB Phone, is a classic way to make the opponent drop their guard. They stop looking for you for just enough time to let you slip past. If you use it too much, it becomes innefective.

Miscommunication can be typed, or non-verbal too. Set a satchell charge down on one pass, and then detonate it on a second run, when you are on the other side of the map. They will look at the noise in one direction, while you make a move on the other side. If you are on voice comms with your team, and they are on the other side of the battle, then you can easily use voice communications to mislead them. NEVER use voice communications to cooperate and give away positions. Co-oping would be if you are on red team, and a friend is on blue, and you tell him red team movements so he can get more scores. It stands out after a short while, and makes you both look bad.

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