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Currently there are more than enough choices for FPS games. You can battle in modern day warfare, Vietnam era, WWII or in futuristic battlefields. Your choices for battles are almost unlimited.

Choose a genre and timeframe that suit your interests. A science fiction enthusiast will have more fun in a futuristic game, while a history buff will prefer a WWII game. The mixed mission games combine the elements of a full battlefield, from infantry, vehicles and airpower.

The concepts for most games will be similiar. Movement, strategy and tactics never change. Modern day generals study battles from ancient times to lay out their plans, and the old battle plans still work today, with slight modifications for new weaponry.

Try a few different games, and you will soon find a style and play that suits you best, and will increase your fun and enjoyment.

Here is a partial list of game makers, and some of their current titles.

If you like a game, add some comments to the forums.


EA Games


Let us know any other games you are playing, and we will add them to the list.

Here is a partial list of games and gaming era's you can play.

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