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Having a good internet connection is crucial at the most competitive levels, but you can still have fun with a dial-up connection if that's all you can get.

Spend your money on the right things, and spend your time on improving your skills, not looking for the latest and greatest hardware.

This website will help to create a better gamer by teaching skills that are essential to most every type of First Person Shooter (FPS). Games are like porn, same basic things, with a slightly different look. However, games are not like women, if you spend time with a game, eventually you can figure it out.

Learning to play a FPS game in an online format can be frustrating, because some players have an edge due to the time they have been playing. Dieing repeatedly is not a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. By reading these tips, and applying them during games, you can go from the hunted to the hunter.

Learning the way your computer connects to the net will help to improve your scores, whether you are on dial-up or cable.

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