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Winning a game is a matter of preperation and plannning. By knowing what needs to be done before the game starts, and by executing a good strategy, wins will happen more frequently. However, winning almost every game is not always a great approach, just like a football team that doesn't know how to play when they're down on the score. Winning games is done by starting out ahead, and by struggling back.

Different game types achieve a win with different player objectives. By analyzing the maps, knowing the opponents, and developing a suitable strategy for a particuliar game, you can experience more victories.

Mission planning involves both the game types and the character selection. Sometimes the goal is to do recon on a team, sometimes it is to engineer a win, or even a loss. Other times you may want to check out 1 player who is sniping you a lot or is getting you too much.

Mission planning is taking into account what game type you are playing, what style of game you want to play, and what you want to learn from the game. You can learn some stuff by winning a game, and sometimes more by losing. Same with engaging an opponent, sometimes you can learn more when you lose the engagement. Replay the events in your head, and see what you could have done better.

Before the game starts, decide an initial strategy and goal. In a military campaign, the generals will send troops in to test the strength and weaknesses of opponent, you can do the same by using your space bar. Attack up the middle a few times, draw them into that area, then move to the flanks. If you want to test the skills of a recognized team playing on your side, give them a hand, but don't give them too much. This will set them up to win the game, and you can see if they can close the win, or if they lose it. If you want to recon a player, then follow them, but not too closely. Shadow them, without making it obvious. You can see what small tricks they use to win. You can also drop into a safe area, and look at the map to see how a particuliar map flows, and how different people move on that map. Concentrate on the people scoring, and learn not to take the routes of the fodder.

Playing missions in a game keeps it funner for a longer period of time. You can have an almost unlimited selection of missions within one game.

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