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If you are on a team, then during each game, you should have an idea what each team member is going to be doing, and how it will win the game. You don't have to lay out a plan before each and every game, as long as you have an idea as to what is going to happen.

Team missions vary with each game, but you need to keep a basic sprea of direct assault, flanking and rovers.

If it's in a team server, US vs ALL, then you should have a more coherent plan. It's no good to lose in your own server. If it's in a public server, where there are random people on both sides, then a plan doesn't have to be as structured. If it's a match situation, then there should be a well designed plan, with backups.

In a public server, it's a bad idea to stack the server, and have all of your team on the same side. It makes the server lopsided, your team with voice communications, versus a bunch of random people just running around. It does very little for your team in terms of practice and skills, and makes the game no fun for the other side.

With a public server, you want to have a few people covering each flank, and setting up for a containment. The rover is a key position, the team covers the rover, the rover covers the team. If there is a problem area, the rover goes to that area. If the rover is having problems, the team needs a new rover. The rover should be whoever is having the best day, not just a designated player.

The team mission should be to move the lines forward, contain the opponent and get the win.

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