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Time to learn how the experienced players move so well, and always have the right weapon ready.

A good setup of your mouse and keyboard will allow you to be 1 click away from every important weapon, and 1 scroll from the other weapons, which is essential to making quick transitions during gaming. A good logical layout of your keyboard and mouse is the difference between getting a score, or losing the battle.

Here are the keys to setting up a winning mouse/keyboard combination.

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The Microsoft Intelli Mouse is always a favorite standard mouse. The price is reasonable, and the quality is very good. The 5 buttons allow for convenient placement of essential gaming functions. Below is a good setup for the mouse, where every major function is conveniently located.

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Fire Button

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Primary Weapon
This setup allows quick movement and firing, and the primary weapon is always quickly accessible. The jump function allows you to clear obstacles easily. Certain explosives can quickly get you out of trouble (AT-4) or score points (Satchell). The scrolling wheel allows you to move to a weapon with one button push and one scroll movement, i.e. a pistol is primary weapon click, then a quick mouse scroll.
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To make the most effective keyboard setup, the NumPad settings allow the closest grouping on the keyboard, with the most comfortable feel.

A few of the lesser used keys can be put on the main keyboard*:

Armory Shift
Night Vision Q
Binoculars W
Screen Shot I
Forward 5
Back 2
Strafe Left 1
Strafe Right 3
Lean Left 6**
Lean Right 4**
Prone Ins
Crouch 7
Med Pack 8
Grenade 9
Flash Bang -
Reload /
50 Cal *
Map Del
Detonator Enter
Scope +

*There are additional keyboard controls, but the rest were left on default values.

**Putting the lean left on the left side and lean right on the right side caused a keyboard lockup, so switching left lean to right side and right lean to left side stopped lockup.

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