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He who learns to run away, will live to fight another day.

This is not to say the first reaction to incoming fire should be to run away, but to know when it's time to bug out and start over with a new plan.

If you stay in one spot too long, you will definitely wear out your welcome. You should develop an automatic clock in your head that starts ticking once you reach a spot. Once the alarm goes off, you've been there too long, time to move. A good tactic in gaming is to know a few key hiding spots, where the opponents are not likely to look, and you can let them go past you. People usually do not look backwards, they move forwards. A dead end alley works well, or a small ditch where you are out of sight. Crawl from one small ditch to another, and they won't see you. Then stand up and use cover to move to a new spot. If you hide in an alleyway, wait for a minute or so, then listen for a lull, and come back out ready to go. Small breaks give you a chance to make a new plan, and it keeps you from getting targeted.

Hiding can also be effective for ambushing. You find a spot where you can just barely catch a glimpse of someone as they go past, and then tail them. Make sure to look that there is not a second person following your target.

Camping is usually hiding in spots with a high tactical value. Finding a spot that conceals you, while you have a good view of a flag or target. The best way to find the key spots is to go into a server with a few people, and try different spots out. Try the spots from both angles, as an attacker, and as a hiding spot. Find the areas that work best, and find multiple areas close to that spot, so you can keep them guessing. If you can't get into a server, you can try hiding in a game server, and see how close people get to you before they see you. If they walk right on top of you, then it's a good spot.

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