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So, you want to learn how to live longer, frustrate your opponents, and get more scores?

During a military exercise, there were pilots taking aim on a moving target. Most pilots just flew over in a lackidasical way, slowly turning and changing directions in a meandering pattern as they approached. They dropped their practice bombs, and usually missed. Then one pilot, who had flown combat missions, came over. You could tell he had flown missions over enemy territory by the way he moved. Each movement was sharp, deliberate, and seemingly random. Up, right, down, left, more left, up and right together etc. It was an endless series of precise movements, with one goal, to keep an enemy from acquiring a lock-on. During the last 100 yards of approach to the target, he straightened up, flew straight and level for as short a distance as possible, and released 3 bombs. The first bomb fell five yards short, the second bomb was a direct hit, the third bomb was five yards long. The military credo is to practice like it's real, because it could be real tomorrow. This pilot had survived combat, because he practiced like it was real.

Watching that one approach taught me a lot about moving to avoid enemy fire. Now it's time for you to learn.

Juking is the first step, and dancing is the refined art when you hear bullets whizzing past.

Whenever you are moving, constantly shift from left to right, even when there is no chance of an enemy being near. If someone is in front of you, make sure to keep a good distance, and avoid being an easy target where you both get hit with one bullet. Use a stall technique, where you either stop running for a half second, jump in the air, or lay down. Switch weapons from a knife to gun randomly, to change your speed of travel. An old trick to avoid sniper fire is to take 2,3 or 4 steps, drop, jump up and keep running. If you keep doing that, it's harder to keep the crosshairs lined up. Whenever you go for a reload, drop to the ground, then jump up when you're done. All of these things keep you bobbind and weaving, and keep your movement random. The easiest target to acquire is one that is moving in a straight line, (straight at you is simplest to calculate), at a constant speed. Become a harder target to acquire, and that first bullet will almost always miss.

Now for the advanced part, when the bullets start to fly closer. The first thing to do is try and listen for their location. By making a slight movement left and right, you can hear the change in your headphones. ALWAYS use headphones, they are much more directional than speakers. Move to where the sound is equal, and this will help you to center in on the source of the incoming fire, the shooter is now straight ahead. (At this point, you should be using the strafe left/right on the keyboard, and the mouse to look left/right in concert.) As you establish an approximate location, start analyzing the bullet spray. Is it missing left or right? Move away from that direction. It's basic, but a lot of hits occur when someone moves into the field of fire. If they are missing to your left, and you keep moving right, then they will be doing two things to help you. (1)They will be firing more to help someone (you or a teammate)spot their location. (2) They will be trying to move their fire onto you, instead of hitting you, they will be firing behind you for a few extra moments. DO NOT try to immediately stop and return fire. The first reaction should be to move and evade, then acquire, then return fire upon a location. All of these things will happen within one second, and as you get better at dancing and evading fire, it will become almost an instantaneous process of hear, move, acquire, return fire, score. Your opponents will wonder how you survived, and you will learn a bit more about how your opponent reacts.

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