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Most maps are laid out with a strong side and a weak side. The strong side is where the majority of the people will go to. The weak side is where the outflanking is done. Travelling to the weak side, taking on the oppoenents that are trying to outflank you, and setting up in a good spot will give your team an advantage.

Learn to recognize the strong and weak sides, and plan routes to run the weak side to outflank, and the strong side to hold a position.

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In this map layout the stong side is the black line and the weak side is the green line. The large red and blue dots in center are the spawn points. The red and blue dots on the perimiter are where the outflanking positions are. The yellow dots are the red team's strong positions to hold, and the brown dots are the blue team's strong positions to hold. The more of the outflanking and strong positions that are held, the greater the chances for a win.

Spot the map positions that are key by playing the map a few times and observing the way the battle flows on a particuliar map. This is also where losing a game can teach you as much as winning, see where an opponent held certain spots, and how that effected the outcome of the game. Learn to use the most effective spots for the next battle.

Snipers will want to travel out on the map, to be able to target either the outflank or strong position spots. A few good snipers can deny the opponents the key positions to holding a map.

Almost any FPS map will have these characteristics, learn to recognize them, and your scors will go up.

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