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You've just broken through their lines, and now you're the sole player leading the charge. There are two choices, rush forward and charge in a blaze of glory that leads to your demise, or find a smart spot where you can hold them back for a few moments, while the rest of your team gets to your position to help support you.

Holding a line will allow your teammates to press forward without resistance, and when they have amassed at your location, the entire group can then put pressure on the opponent.

Knowing where to hold a line will help your teammates out immensely. You break through their supression, pick off a few reinforcements, and then find a key point where you can set a line down and keep them from regrouping. Your teammates will move quickly, as there is no major resistance, and then you can begin to hold them for a morph supression.

It takes some discipline and you will lose out on a few short term scores, but in the end you will be able to score more points if you attack the opponent as a team.

Stadium Line Holding Position

This map is Last Request A/D, from the game Black Hawk Down by NovaLogic. The red line is the optimal holding line, the dot at the left end is where you want to be. This point holds them back and allows your team a good staging point. The green line represents the Choke Point, where you can contain the opponents completely. The multiple dots on the green line are different spots where you can set up choke points.

Step 1, get to a holding line, and wait for reinforcements, Step 2, get to the choke points and hold the oppoents.

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