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The Boba Fett guarantee is a combination of skills, and utilizes the most important battlefield weapon, PSYOPS. If an opponent shoots you, and now they know you are going to be hunting them, it changes their psychology in the game. Rather than thinking about the next score, they have to worry about who is hunting them.

Learn to track the last peron who got you, and people will not want to shoot you, or, they may want to shoot you more. The ones that want to shoot you more are fun, it creates a target rich environment of skilled players.

The first thing to figure out is, "Where did he shoot me from?" You know your last location, so figuring out where he was should be possible. Take into account how long of a delay your respawn is, and what character he is. This will give you a range of travel. Intuitively figure what his last direction of travel was, and where his next move will be to. You should leave the spawn running towards a spot that he is most likely to allow you to ambush him where he will be. Look at the "Who shot Who" display, and see where he is headed. Some players will continue along the same path, and will be easy to pick up, others will know that you are going after them, and will switch direction completely. Know the player you are going after, and what his reaction will be. Once you get into a likely ambush spot to pick off your opponent, see if he scores a few hits. This will let you know if he is headed your way, or if he has switched directions.

Make sure to target the right people, don't go hunting down the new guy, it makes you a target for the shooters. Try not to get too caught up in the hunt, or you get picked off by the new guy. It's a singular objective to get the guy who got you, with a secondary objective of not getting hit by someone else.

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