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Tracking an opponent is not an easy thing to learn, but once learned, can be applied to almost any game you play. It gives you a serious edge when you can look at an opposing team, and say, "I am going to shoot that one player, and only him." The one player being hunted will lose some of his effectiveness, because every time he moves, you are there to stop him.

Learning to go for one takes time, and is something that will hurt you in the beginning, but once mastered, will make you a far better player.

A personal story: I was playing Delta Force 2 from NovaLogic. There are ghillie suits in that game. Since I was sniping, and any sniper was my greatest threat, it became easy to spot the ghillies and take them out first. From there I looked for the character face, and any small movements and actions that were unique to individual players. Some people jump extra when they spawn, others switch to knives, some to nades or guns. People are predictable. By using the sniper scope, I was able to key in on these small things. After learning how to spot the individual players as a sniper, I could then spot them without a scope, using a SAW. From 400 yards, it was easy to shoot at the one opposing player who could get me if he got loose. My record in DF2 was to hit 1 person 8 times consecutively, without being hit, or without hitting anyone else.

This ability also led me to develop my Boba Fett Guarantee: Once a player shoots me, they have an average life span of 30 seconds. From the moment of spawning, the singular goal is to get the player who just got me. People will often apologize after shooting me, but it doesn't help them, they are now targeted.

Knowing how to track players can also make it more fun for the opponents. The good players with team tags are targeted more heavily, and the noobs are left alone. There's no reason to shoot a new guy 5 or 6 times in a row, just because you can. Let him run around a bit and learn, then try shooting him 5 or 6 times in a row.

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