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Advanced miltitary tactics are more about hunting down the few enemies that are high value, rather than going after the entire group. With these pages you will learn how to go after 1 of 15 players in online multiplayer FPS.

Online multiplayer is much like a sports team. Of 5 basketball players, only 1 or 2 are a real threat to win the game. If you can shut down the superstars, you win. Of 15 players in a game, only 2-3 are real threats, the rest are fodder.

There are three main reactions to being hunted. The "gamers" are oblivious to it until you tell them, they're just running around shooting at people. Some people just get mad that they are dieing repeatedly by the same person. Others, usually people with a military background, know that they are now being hunted, and will completely change their game tone to return the favor and hunt you down. These are the people you want to game with, they will improve your skills considerably. The ultimate goal of hunting is to target 1 single person, and not cause any collateral damage. In other words, you shoot just 1 person from the other team, avoid engaging with the other 14 players, and either duck and cover or let others take the shot at the 14.

Saying the name before you pull the trigger takes some time to get used to, and it's also a skill you need to be able to turn on and off. Tracking 1 player in a match too much can hurt you. Tracking 1 player in a casual game can set a tone for the match.

There are lots of indicators to tell you where a player is. The first and most important is the Who shot Who display. Once someone is hit, you know who hit them, and by looking at your team player's location when he's hit, you can start to pinpoint where the opponent is. When he shoots the next player, his location gets narrowed down more. If he knifes someone, then you know his location to a 6 foor circle. NEVER knife when you are being tracked. A knife kill will let any observant players know exactly where you are.

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