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Improvised teamwork is using the people around you, sometimes without their knowledge, to form an ad hoc team.

Letting a noob take point and run around the corner first, waiting for a firefight to break out so you can outflank the opponents, or setting up as a sniper between two snipers on your team are all improvised teams.

You can use experienced players or noobs to set up in improvised teams. If you and an experienced player start to run the same routes, and then start to shadow each other, the team is far more effective than the individuals. If you let the noobs go first, and then, as they come under fire pop out and take on the opponent, the new guy will get to see an intense firefight, and the opponent will hopefully be neutralized before he scores on the new guy. If the new guy realizes what you are doing, then he will become a skilled player soon, and will draw fire for you.

Moving on routes where you are always in a friendly sniperís scope helps you both out. The sniper can wait for someone to engage with you, and you can hopefully get into a 2-1 battle, where you or the sniper get a score. Moving with a sniper as he goes out to his spot will let you see what paths a sniper takes, and along the way you have the superior firepower to take out counter snipers.

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