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Observe and React
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Improvised Teamwork 1
Observe and React
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A personal story: One time I was playing in a team's private server, and it was a bunch of us, vs the organized them. They had voice comms and were working together fairly well. I was in the water, and saw that there were 2 of them looking at me. Two people from our team were running up from behind them, so my plan was to stay submerged as long as possible, and act as a distraction. The two teammates got close, and started shooting. As they opened up, I came scrambling out of the water, and opened up with an M240 machine gun. Both of the opponents were quickly mowed down. After that occured, they said, "That was the best teamwork we've seen so far." It wasn't that the three of us were on voice comms, or even had an organized plan, they saw what I was doing, and I reacted to what they were doing.It worked very well.

Stay alert to the players around you, see what they are doing, and use them to help you achive your goals. You will all do better.

Try timing your movements to occur during a firefight on the other side of the map, this will help to conceal your presence. The attention will be focused to the largest ongoing battle, while you are sneaking past without a fight.

You can also watch for where a large group is moving, and tag along behind them, to pick up the pieces if they come under attack. The opponents focus will be on the large group, not the straggler.

If you are sniping, shoot into the groups that are involved in a firefight, they won't be looking for a sniper when they are under direct attack.

These are the little tricks that experienced players will use to gain an edge.

Lobbing grenades is a very good way of showing that someone is in a general area, same with shooting, you don't always have to see your opponent to shoot at him. Firing a burst lets others know where someone is or might be.

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