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First Person Shooter Strategies
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Trash Talking
Getting in Their Head
Team Psychology
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There is one real good reason not to cheat, lots of people will do lots of things to mess with you.
Some people will collect e-mails, and try to find a name to reference them to. If you have a team website for cheating, your host will get complaints about it.

Cheating generally allows people to get very nasty on you, and that wears on a person.

The first rule of warfare, if you are seriously outgunned and outnumbered, psychology is your best weapon. When a cheater comes in with massive firepower and incredible movement capabilities, psychology is the best form of counter attack. You can barely get them in the game, but you can make them leave the game feeling pretty low bout themselves. You want to make the game become less fun for them, and more annoying. It's a fine line to be able to repulse the cheaters, and not let it effect you too. It's best to find a new game if the cheats get real bad.

A personal story: In Delta Force 2 from Nova Logic, the cheaters got out of hand. I started playing the game when there were no cheaters, and saw the first cheaters coming in. Rather than abandon the game, I decided to mess with the cheaters. The game became much less fun, and it would have been smarter to just quit playing that game, and find a new game.

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