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First Person Shooter Strategies
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Trash Talking
Getting in Their Head
Team Psychology
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If you put 100 people in the same situation one at a time, 95 of them will have very similiar reactions. Psychology is based on the general reactions of people to a situation.

See: Skinner's Box and Pavlov's Dog

If you shoot someone from one spot, they change their approach, and try a new angle. When you shoot them on that approach, they change again. After 3-4 times, they get frustrated and mad.

If you learn to analyze how one player reacts, you can tell what the majority of people will do in a similiar situation. It allows you to gain an edge on every person attacking you.

A personal note: I seldom get upset. Sure, there are the occasional fist slams and a few choice words, but no real anger. If someone is getting me from a spot, I will attack until they are gone, and then make sure to use that spot the next game. A slight bit of anger will help your game, being mad will ruin it.

These games are called First Person Shooters, you will get shot. Learn to control your emotions, and you play better. Learn to make other players lose control of their emotions, and you become deadly. That is why Hunting and Tracking is so important to the psychology of the game, it gives you an edge.

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