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There are two basic and very different thought processes that go through the mind of a man in combat. The usual thought process of the regular infantry guy is "I don't want to die." The thought of the elite soldiers is "I want to get that kill."

Look at the footage of the Hollywood Bank Robbery. Most of the regular beat cops were standing behind trees, guns drawn, holding their position, but not advancing or firing. The Metro unit that rolled up on the pickup truck had 4 SWAT officers that were charging at the perpetrator. Most of the LAPD Metro SWAT officers are SEALs or from elite military units. That attitude is what stopped the bank robber. Large masses of men holding a position, allowing a small group of well trained individuals to make a final assault.

A positive attitude will prevail in most situations. If you ever watched Michael Jordan play when the Bulls were down and about to lose, you could see how he would will the game to turn out as a win.

Keep a good attitude, play for fun, and you will get better.

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