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The military has two different types of people, the Catch-22 of military life. If you want to go on a mission, you're crazy, and can't go. If you don't want to go on a mission, you're sane, and have to go. In a game the consequences do not compare, but the attitude is still there.

Decide how you want to play, and use that style, and occasionally switch it up.

A personal story: When I was in the Navy, we had security drills on a regular basis. At first I was with most people, a straggler going to the armory to get the gun. After a while decided to start getting their sooner, and get on station. Pretty soon, I was getting their first for every drill. One time the alarm went off, and it wasn't at the usual drill time, and my first thought was, "It may be real, do I want to get their first?" The second and overriding thought was, "During drills, I am always their first, so if it's real, I better be there first, or it makes me look bad." It got to the point that I would go to the furthest part of the ship before drill time, and make sure I got their first, for any event, at any time.

Look at the footage of the Hollywood bank robbery closely. The one officer who advanced and engaged the second suspect was wearing olive drab cutoff military pants, t-shirt, Converse hi-tops and full body armour. That guy was probably further away from that incident when it occured, and made sure to get their first. 99% chance that guy was still a SEAL team member reservist. Once you get used to being the hard charger, it becomes second nature to want to get on scene first. Some players will wait and pick up the pieces, other players will charge, regardless of the situation or outcome. You need both types of players for an effective team.

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