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Sprtsmanship comes in two types, good and bad. Play with good sportsmanship, and people respect you, play with bad, and they start to loathe and ridicule you.

It's easy to play with good sportsmanship, just realize it's a game, everyone is there to have fun, and whining at a player will not change the outcome, but it will change their perception of you.

A personal story: There is one player in Black Hawk Down by Novalogic, that always plays in the Black Hawk 3 AD server, that constantly whines and complains about something every time he gets hit. He will constantly accuse people of cheating and call them scum and all sorts of names. Well, this player has had multiple characters banned for language abuse, and now everyone constantly laughs at him, and ridicules him every time he enters the server. Personally, I'd rather play anonymously then play and be ridiculed.

Good sportsmanship is helping people on your own team, complimenting people on the other team for good shots, helping out the new players with advice, and not whining if you get hit. People that constantly accuse others of cheating just look foolish after a while, sure, there are cheats in any given game, but it's probably 1 or 2 of 30, not 29 of 30. If someone is running a cheat, and it becomes obvious, learn how to counter it, and you become a far better player.

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