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Succesful sniping is not just sitting back and shooting at the opponent. It's taking a shot, and then avoiding the counter snipers who are hunting you. Snipers are rarely ignored on a battlefield, they are the most hunted units on the field. It's the same in the games, snipe, and be prepared to be hunted.

You can really tell the difference between the gamers and the tacticians when it comes to sniping. The gamers wonder why someone who is not sniping is way out there with the snipers. The tacticians always go way out there to stop the snipers from taking control of a game. The lessons here are how to spot snipers, approach them and take them out, and then keep them from getting to their spots again.

Knifing a sniper is not a good idea. It's the standard approach of many people, but it is bad for the snipe hunter. The other snipers will see that a sniper got knifed, scope in on that position, and take a shot at you. It's better to use explosives on a sniper. Grenades, satchell charges or RPGs will cause a loud boom in their headphones, and then they turn down the volume. That makes your next approach easier. A mean trick is to drop a claymore at the center of their body, take a few steps back and fire your pistol. The sniper jumps at the sound, and triggers the claymore. Always good for a laugh or two

Counter sniping is not a way to end up in first place at the end of the game, but the rush of stopping the opponents snipers is more than worth it. As you get closer to the sniper, and then drop a satchel charge on them, pull back to a safe viewing distance, detonate and watch the explosion surround them, it gives you a satisfaction that one more sniper is going to be stuck in the morph for a while.

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