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Once you learn the sniper spots and routes, it's time to set up active ambushes, rather than waiting to get them once they are on location.

Claymores on known travel paths, positions to watch routes, and moving on known routes will give you an edge.

Actively ambushing snipers will slow them down a lot. Rather than making a quick run out to a spot, they will need to worry about what might happen during the move. Once you start to get a sniper repeatedly, they may just give up sniping for that game. Then you can go back to shooting more people, rather than hunting snipers. If they stop sniping when you get into a game, then you know they have learned that a powerful counter sniper will ruin their fun sniping.

The best way to ambush the sniper is by getting into a position that will let you see him during the movement phase. Follow the sniper for a while, and let him get close to setting up. Once he starts taking aim, that is when you need to nuetralize the sniper. By doing it this way, the sniper is spending the maximum amount of time, with the least amout of enjoyment. Simply seeing them and shooting at first opportunity stops them, but more than stopping them, you want to remove the fun of sniping for them.

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