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Now you've gotten good enough that people want you to join their team. Don't always jump at the first offer, and make sure to look at the team that wants you to join.

If you're getting multiple offers to join teams, choose the one that fits you best, and one that allows you to be an integral part of the team. Being the last man chosen on a great team is not as fun as being the go to guy on a good team.

Just as you want to pick a game that suits your style, you want to find a team that fits your style too. You may want to play with a well structured team that has mandatory practices and a dedicated team server. It's great for hard core gamers, but rough on older players with families. Some teams have a more relaxed approach, less or no practices, and no mandatory time commitment. Some teams will have rules for conduct, such as language, style, and behaviour. Teams also go with no rules, and encourage bad sprtsmanship and behaviour. If you want to play a rude game, join a rude squad, it's a fit. If you want to play a refined game, then you look for a refined squad. There are enough squads in any game that you can always find a fit.

If you join a team, remember that you are joining an established team, if you don't agree with the team, evaluate whether to leave the team, or to go about Making a Team, if you just stick around and try to force change on a team, the game will be no fun.

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