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A sniper must be patient, methodical and calculating. The sniper rifles are not meant for close engagements or large volumes of fire.

Sniper rifles come in either semi-auto, bolt action, or large bore .50 caliber. Choosing the best rifle depends on the map and the ranges involved.

The single best all purpose sniper rifle is the M24. It has good range, is bolt action for increased accuracy, and allows for a fairly decent rate of fire. If you could only use one sniper rifle, learn to use the M24. The choices vary from the M24, based on range or speed. A semi-automatic sniper rifle will put out more volume, at the expense of accuracy. The large bore .50 caliber rifles such as the Barrett increase range considerably, but have a very loud sound, and are easy to hear.

The optimal range for a sniper rifle is 600-800 yards, and 1200-1500 yards for a large bore rifle. The furthest effective range is 1000 yards for a .308 caliber, and up to 2500 yards for a .50 caliber.

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