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A pistol is the last line of protection. If you've run out of ammo, then it's time to make those lasr few pistol rounds count. A pistol is also a good weapon to travel with, quicker than a gun, more potent than a knife.

Practicing with a pistol will help you to add three or four more scores at the end of a long run.

While travelling with a knife is quicker, it leaves you very vulnerable, while a pistol will let you travel almost as fast, and will also give you protection to 100 yards or so. A knife is good for areas where there is very little chance of encountering an opponent, but the old addage is so true, "Never bring a knife to a gunfight". At least with a pistol, you are still outgunned, but you do have a gun.

Shoot the pistol frequently when you are practicing, and try to do single player missions with a pistol as the primary weapon. A pistol will

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